Lubbock Habitat offers a simple, decent, affordable homeownership program for low to middle income individuals/families.

What makes a Habitat Home affordable?


Houses are sold to homeowners with an affordable mortgage.


Homeowners and volunteers build the houses in partnership with professionals.


Financial support of individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Lubbock Habitat Homeowners are chosen based on three criteria:




Process of Becoming a Homeowner

Thank you for your interest in becoming a homeowner through Lubbock Habitat for Humanity (LHFH). To ensure that you have the best opportunity possible to qualify for Habitat’s Partnership and Homeownership Program, it is recommended that you adequately prepare and understand the necessary requirements for qualification prior to submitting an application for consideration. Please thoroughly review the remaining information regarding the process for becoming a Habitat Homeowner.
Habitat for Humanity is a program that empowers individuals/families to build new lives through the stability and security of homeownership. Contrary to public perception, Habitat homes are not given away. Habitat homes are sold with an affordable mortgage to individuals/families that qualify based on need, ability to pay, and willingness to partner. Additional requirements include but are not limited to ability to complete sweat equity requirements, a monetary deposit to cover the first year’s insurance and taxes, and monthly mortgage payments.

Applicants for this partnership go through an extensive selection process. The process includes but is not limited to a review of financial status, job history, residency, and current living situation. Applicants must meet income guidelines, have acceptable credit, a minimal level of debt, and be willing and able to perform at least 250 hours of “sweat equity”.

Getting Started

To prepare for your journey to becoming a participant in the Partnership Program, you can start by:

You can also download a full information packet on everything needed with the link below.


Adding your name and contact information to our prospective applicant list. Upon the start of an open application period, you will be notified that applications are available.


Attend an informational workshop during the open application period. The workshop will provide additional in-depth information about the Partnership & Homeownership Programs. You will receive a certificate of attendance and completion.


Start organizing your financial information. A good resource can be found at www.handsonbanking.com. At the appropriate time, LHFH is going to ask you to provide documentation showing all your income, expenses, and debts.


Check your credit. Checking your credit is vital for your Habitat for Humanity application. Do not be discouraged if your credit is not where you desire for it to be. However, it is important that you are aware of your financial status. We want to assist in your preparation of becoming a successful homeowner and this is part of the process. If there are outstanding past due items, begin the process of resolving the debts by making payment arrangements with creditor(s). If appropriate, dispute the charges.

  • Lubbock Habitat for Humanity performs background checks and sex offender checks on all applicants.
  • LHFH will use a least 1% of your student debt when qualifying you for the program and for a mortgage.
  • Once a year you can receive a free credit report at www.annualcreditreport.com
  • To determine your payback for student loans go to www.NSLDS.ed.gov (National Student Loan Data System) LHFH can use 1% of your total student loan debt when qualifying you for the program and for a mortgage


If you have outstanding debts, need assistance resolving any credit concerns or getting your credit report, please contact any of the following individuals

  1. Monique Coleman at the North and East Lubbock Community Development Corporation (NELCDC) – Coleman can be contacted at 1708 Crickets Ave. Lubbock, TX 79401
    mc_nelcdc@outlook.com; 806-747-5937, Mon-Fri 9-5
  2. Crystal Gomoke at Money Management International. Gomoke can be reached 888-845-5669 x 5945, Mon-Fri 9-5, or through email at crystal.gomoke@moneymanagement.org
  3. Or please work with a trusted financial representative of your choice to repair any credit issues


Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas can help you with legal issues that may need to be resolved before you apply to the Habitat Partnership Program. State you are working with LHFH. Please contact them at 1711 Avenue J, Lubbock, TX 79401 or by calling 806-763-4557, M-F 9-5


When you are ready to submit your application you will also need to submit a payment for associated fees for your background check. Applications are only accepted during the open application period. Please contact Lubbock Habitat for Humanity at 806-763-4663 or view the website at www.lubbockhabitat.org to verify dates for open application periods.


As part of the application process, at least six (6) months of financial information and an income and expense statement are required. Such financial information consists of income verification (paystubs), current housing payment (rent receipts), and bill payment receipts (electricity, gas, TV service, etc.). You will need to include all individuals age eighteen (18) and older that work as part of your application and income verification. See “Partnership Application Documentation” for additional information. Food Stamps are not counted as income.


Only applicants that meet the requirements will be accepted into the Partnership Program. Upon successful completion of the Partnership Program and having the required deposit in place, the applicant will be moved into the loan qualification stage.


Only completed applications will be accepted.


Once you have completed the required sweat equity and prospective buyer education classes and before LHFH closes on your home, you shall submit the required documents to qualify for your mortgage loan.

See if your income qualifies you for a new home using our Maximum Income Guidelines.

Learn how you are protected from credit discrimination based on race, color, sex, etc.

See a list of categorized links that might assist in helping you become qualified for a home.

Download a full information packet on everything needed with the link below.

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